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Signature Treatment


Origin of Tea story  [show details]
In ancient times, in the WUYI region (south of China), serious epidemic spread through and decimated the population. The governor of the region, together with his people, prayed to the god, Yahuang to come to their aid. The Bodhisattva from the southern coast (a divine being and follower of Buddhism) was also affected. He summoned seven fairies prayed for water from above to sprinkle three tea bushes situated on the Great rock of Jiulon in which according to Chinese legend, nine dragons lived. That very same night, all the inhabitants had the same dream: a sick, old lady who, by bathing in this tea infusion, regained her health, youth & jade-smooth skin. Everyone copied her example and all were healed. Nowadays, bathing in tea has become a very popular custom in China. Then Japanese developed the ceremony of Tea ritual to include it within Beauty, Pleasure, & Sensation. T

Treatments  [show details]
Germaine de Capuccini

Based on 5 elements concepts which correlate to Luthan Hotel & Spa concept as well, Coordination of Balance Beauty & Soul where harmony & serenity is created for the modern, working as well as house women all over the globe is our main target to achieve. Women will feel the difference in energy, level of self esteem in addition to their inner beauty.

Our treatment menu starts with basic hydration to more of specific treatment packages as needed.

Facial Treatment  [show details]

Thalaso & Bath Experience  [show details]

Delicatessen  [show details]
Ray Nadi Hamam Therapies/Moroccan Rituals

Where exfoliation in a typical authentic Moroccan style where sloughing off dead skin cells to rejuvenate & re-nourish the entire body is our goal plus added relaxation when final application of perfumed oil/body milk as guest's choice comes.

Whitening Paradise Body Care
Specific treatment for people who suffer hyper pigmentation in some areas of their body, very delicate & effective whitening treatment within the ritual of Moroccan steam.

Royal Bridal Glow
This treatment is inspired from the traditional Moroccan bath, well known for its ultra exfoliation specially designed for the new brides where gentle exfoliation is administrated in a Luthan protocol along with mask for hair & body. Conclude the treatment with application of perfumed oil/body milk as client's desire.
Lilian Terry Aromapathy Massages  [show details]

Originated in South Africa, based on organic active ingredients along with best of homeopathy expertise, all oils are designed to target specific areas within the body as to treat any ailment.
Ayureveda  [show details]

State of art beauty within Luthan. The real authentic Indian treatments within the city of Riyadh, being the first of its kind. Ayurevedic treatments can tackle and address any problem, choice of:
Wellness Facilities  [show details]

Aqua Meditation Room
This sensory room, with stunning design work, has a temperature of ….. c and contains ceramic heated benches designed for complete relaxation.

With its unique raised fountain in the center of this tranquil relaxation room, and when droplets of water are released from the ceiling with its reflection to stimulate the five senses with its dry & aromatic environment. You will enjoy the warmth of the reclining heated benches, soft music, so you will get to calm, contemplate, and enjoy the ambiance of this room. You can stay in the Aqua Med room for longer periods of time. It is ideal prior to massage treatments and also (or between) the other heated experiences. As a perfect conclusion to this experience, you would shower either in cold or warm shower.
Physical Consultation

Our physician will address thorough medical check up, discussing concerns on one's lifestyle. Medical devices to access and monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose and cholesterol level are readily available. Then preparing the right & complete package that suits each & every person as needed.
Fitness Assessment  [show details]

Fitness is the way of life! Our Fitness Specialist engages with our guest on every step of their fitness programme. From personalized fitness checks to consultations, fitness goals and benchmark settings, body composition analysis to personalized training, we offer nothing less than our best in making fitness a way of your life.
State Of Art Technology  [show details]

CACI Quantum
The CACI Quantum microcurrent facial techniques system features all the functions of the famous CACI Classic non surgical face lifting system but goes a step further, by enabling clients to enjoy the dual benefits of the non surgical facelift whilst at the same time receiving a total body toning experience.

Using the system in conjunction with faradic slimming and toning applications, the CACI Quantum redefines facial muscles, reduces lines and wrinkles and tightens and tones sagging body muscles.
Inner Healing

Aqua healing – Watsu
Greatest experience ever, while enjoying the heated pool, you will get your stretching massage along with shiatsu session while inside the salted heated pool, same experience as in a Sea water.

Reiki Healing
It uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of complementary & alternative medicine and it is classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies.

Cupping (Healing Cups)
Stated with old Chinese method to treat any pain by Cupping therapy. It is the method of using heated glass cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum. The vacuum inside the cups causes the blood to form in the area and help the healing in that area.
Oriental Delight Massages  [show details]

Oriental Detox
Originated from Bali, Indonisa, an oriental pampering which starts with body scrub and not only relax your body but it aids it in removal of toxic wastes from your body, then followed by Massage & Soak in our Venus bath where total luxury & greatness is added.

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