Be kind to your mind. This is so important if you want to change your body shape or wellbeing you need to change your mind and feed it with positivity.

Set small achievable goals which include hydration, movement and mental practice.

Research, with so many trainers offering online classes and workouts many of them free it’s important to do your own research on trainers. It’s great to get inspiration from trainers but you have to do the research on what’s going to be best to achieve your goals. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s good for you. You’re investing in your health and well-being It’s imperative to research and get information from or about the trainer/s you are trusting to assist you on your fitness journey and this is esp applicable to online training and the safety aspect of executing the movements correctly. 

During these times many of us have been turning to food for comfort and it’s unhealthy for about bodies to be consuming food all day long, it’s not modified to do so with no repercussions. Movement doesn’t always have to be crazy routines, keep it simple and progress or modify accordingly. If you have any injury seek advise prior to training. Here’s a safe sample body weight circuit to try at home. Choose any dynamic warm ups to warm up the muscle groups you’ll be working out for 10 reps each eg. Star jumps, high knees, pushups, mountain climbers, jump squats, wall pushups, alternating forward lunges, glute bridges.Then workout for 45 seconds rest 15 seconds.

1 Forward lunges
2 Wall sit
3 Mountain climbers
4 Pushups (choose any variation of push-ups)
5 Curtesy lunges
6 Squats
7 Plank ups
8 Clam shells – left
Clam shells – right
9 High plank alternating shoulder taps

10 Side plank left – modify if needed
Side plank right – modify if needed
11 Pulse bird dog + knee tap right
Pulse bird dog + knee tap left
12 Plank jacks

The workout duration excluding warm ups and stretches:
1 set = 15 minutes
2 sets = 30 minutes
3 sets = 45 minutes

Depending on your fitness level aim for 1-3 sets resting a minute between sets. You can repeat this workout more than once per week just make sure to take a rest day in between. Remember to stay hydrated during your workouts and focus on what area/s on the body you’re working out as well as your breathing and good form.